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From Abbey's program note: "A split-second interaction can forever change the trajectory of our individual stories. In this piece, we explore the minimalism of memory and the episodic recollections that bind us to one another."


Yale University Saybrook Underbrook Theater


Written by Lisa Loomer


Produced by Claire James Carroll
Directed by Abbey Joan Burgess

Movement Design by Gilberto Saenz


Set & Props by Adam Lessing • Lighting by Jaye Mejía-Duwan • Sound by Emil Ernström • Projections by Lukas Cox • Stage Managed by Jacob Yoder-Schrock

Photography by Lukas Cox

Nick • Gilberto Saenz
Miranda • Mia Fowler
Lila, et al. • Erin Hebert
Yolanda, et al. • Payson Whitwell
Sal, et al. • Logan Rivers
Dominic, et al. • Chayton Pabich Danyla
Pat, et al. • Vanessa Copeland
Dr. John Wilde, et al. • Jordan Harris
Tina, et al. • Lauren Bond
Lisa, et al. • Leslie Schneider

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