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NEXT TO NORMAL • January 2018
From Abbey's program note: "For as long as I can remember, the subject of mental illness has been silenced not just in society at large, but in the arts as well. Something we are often too afraid or ashamed to talk about. The story of Next to Normal is very personal to me, and if you take anything away from this production, I hope it is understanding and empathy for those who struggle with mental illness, and for the people close to them who must also fight every day."



Yale University Off-Broadway Theater


Book & Lyrics by Brian Yorkey

Music by Tom Kitt


Produced by Declan Kunkel 
Directed by Abbey Joan Burgess


Music Direction by Hayden Baker Kline • Conducted by Sam Hollister • Choreography by Madi Cupp-Enyard • Set by Caroline Francisco • Lighting & Projections by Ryan Seffinger • Sound by Sammy Grob • Dramaturgy by Aviva Abusch • Props by Eitan Acks • Costumes by Eren Kafardar • Stage Managed by Lina Kapp

Photography by Lukas Cox


Diana Goodman • Erin Krebs
Dan Goodman • Gilberto Saenz
Natalie Goodman • Erin Hebert
Gabe Goodman • Tobiah Richkind
Henry • Jake Moses
Dr. Madden/Dr. Fine • Alex Swanson

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