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Post-show discussion at a reading of BOUND at the Yale Playwrights Festival, Off-Broadway Theatre. Yale Repertory Theatre dramaturg Amy Boratko, playwright Edwin Sanchez, and director Jordan Harris with Abbey.


BOUND (3f, 6m)

2019 Yale Playwrights Festival

2019 New South Young Voices Festival

Bennett can’t remember what happened exactly. He fell on grass. He fell on grass. And now he’s a quadriplegic. And Ed…well Eduardo hasn’t come to see him since the accident.


This play explores disability, queerness, and the cost of forgiveness. Based on a true story. 

CHARCOAL (4f, 5m)

Some days Jan seems like her old self. And some days Annie watches the disease eat away everything she is.

Some days Jacob can pretend he feels at home with his family. That blood doesn’t define who you are. And some days…there’s Caleb, and he can’t make himself look away, even though he knows he should.

CHARCOAL explores family, belonging, the search for self-acceptance, and everything in between.

EGGSHELLS (3f, 3m)

Jess’ brother just died. …Self-inflicted. He didn’t leave her a note. He always promised he would. But the thing is, he's still around. Kind of. He’s everywhere, all the time. What if she can’t let him go? What if she doesn’t want to?

Mental illness, grief, and the deceptive power of the subconscious intertwine in this would-be memory play.


The funeral of the family matriarch, Agnes. Only - no one has shown up, because, well... she was a cunt. And that's putting it mildly. With a grieving husband who refuses to accept the truth, a granddaughter who has shown up with her brand new girlfriend (surprise), and a mother who has secretly hated her mom for well - ever, together they sit and wait for the funeral goers who will never arrive, Agnes' giant portrait glaring over them all. What could go wrong? As it turns out, Agnes may still have a few tricks up her sleeve after all.


Commissioned by Alliance Theater.

Abbey has studied Playwriting with Deb Margolin and Donald Margulies, Fiction Writing with John Crowley, and Writing Criticism with Margaret Spillane. Visit her New Play exchange page here.

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