"SO, I KILLED A FEW PEOPLE..." • October 2018

From Abbey's program note: "In conversation with the current controversies surrounding the death penalty, the recent use of media to desensitize spectacle, as well as the social and political climate around which we we built this production - where many minority voices are silenced from speaking, and a select privileged few abuse their positions of power to promote false narratives - this story forces the audience to ask themselves several important questions:What is the danger in being desensitized to violence and spectacle within our media, and furthermore the danger of willingly offering platforms to those that continue to take advantage of this desensitization? What happens when we “other” those that are different from us, and why is this “us versus them” mentality inherent in all of us?  More importantly, can and should we find humanity in people that seem furthest from it?" 

Yale University Whitney Theater


Written by Gary Rudoren & David Summers


Produced by Lola Hourihane
Directed by Abbey Joan Burgess


Set by Kristine Sungyeon Chung • Lighting by Ryan Seffinger • Sound by Tarek Ziad • Costumes by Ryan Benson • Props by Paige Davis • Cinematography by Emma Keyes • Makeup by Maeve Howard • Fight Choreography by Mike Rossmy • Stage Management & Dramaturgy by Jacob Yoder-Schrock

Photography by Nina Goodheart Photography


Archie Nunn • Gilberto Saenz

Cop • Kezie Nwachukwu