From Abbey's program note: "I found the play haunting me. The poetry and musicality of Carr’s text; the fascination with the grotesque corporeality of what it means to be human, especially in our decomposition; and the theme of rejection, both of oneself and what could have been, was both enchanting and terrifying all at once. Carr weaves the traditions of Irish drama into her own definition of what it means to be a woman. Women are more than just wives and mothers. The layers of this play are endless, and I found myself itching to dive into them. A thesis in directing can mean many things, but for me, this show has been the process of letting go, or at least, trying to. Of accepting the delight in the mystery. Of sculpting a world of rules for the in-between, that in one moment fits a Scarecrow, and in the next flips everything on its head. This has created the most joy, the most confusion, and the most terror, as all the best theater should. In a moment of crisis, a dear mentor of mine reminded me of the power of wonder. He pointed out that there’s a literal Scarecrow in this script. All I had to do, he said, was take the audience to Oz. Woman and Scarecrow is a world of death, yes, but also of love, life, and magic. It has been a joy to create and play in, if only for a little while. All that said -- welcome to our Oz. We hope you enjoy the ride."

Yale University Whitney Theater


Written by Marina Carr


Produced by Olivia Roth and Tarek Ziad
Directed by Abbey Joan Burgess


Set by Liz Egler • Lighting by Chris West • Sound by Emil Ernstrom • Costumes and Dramaturgy by Lola Hourihane • Props by Robbie Skoronski and Paige Davis • Stage Managed by Jacob Yoder-Schrock

Photography by Nina Goodheart Photography


Woman • Mia Fowler
Scarecrow • Vanessa Copeland
Him • Sam Brakarsh
Auntie Ah • Alexa Stanger


WOMAN AND SCARECROW was Abbey Joan Burgess's senior project in Directing towards the completion of the B.A. in Theatre Studies at Yale College